Terra5 Rainscreen Sunscreen at University of Iowa Elevation

Terracotta Rainscreens

Terra5 High-performance Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding

For centuries, kiln-fired terracotta has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials that construction has known and has only recently emerged as a warm and timeless medium for modern rainscreen design. By combining our terracotta panels with Cladding Corp's engineered approach to wall design, Terra5 was born.

As one of North America’s most referenced terracotta rainscreen providers, Cladding Corp provides a rainscreen solution that incorporates The 5 Principles of Rainscreen Cladding Design and offers terracotta in a diverse range of colors and format sizes, engineered for project-specific criteria. Our terracotta panels are of the highest quality and our subframing systems are engineered to meet the specific technical requirements for each project. With Terra5 Rainscreens, performance and affordability combine to form the foundation of your next terracotta rainscreen design!

  • 100% Natural Material that is maintenance-free
  • Frost, fade, and UV Resistant
  • Sustainable, recyclable, and long-life durability
  • Variety of profile shapes and sizes to meet any budget
  • Engineered, turn-key system assembly that ensures optimal performance

Product Series:

  • TC18: an economical, thin-skinned terracotta rainscreen tile
  • TC30: classic terracotta size and design in standard lengths of 5 feet and custom larger sizes available
  • Sunscreens: eight standard shapes in lengths up to 5 feet

Click on the images below to see more information on each product series.