Ceramic5 Projects : All Types

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Insulet Corporate

CI Design recently completed the renovation and expansion project of the Insult Corporation Corporate Headquarters, a medical device company. Insulet wanted the ability to expand its facility in the future as the business grows and the design team

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Dimensions Furniture Dimensioni Arredamento

For this corporate headquarters, Ceramic5's Metallic Series was incorporated into the exterior facade along with a visible clip subframing system for an economical and cost-saving attachment approach.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 John Paul II Foundation

For this non-profit organization honoring Pope John Paul II, two color series from Ceramic5 were incorporated into the exterior facade along with a visible clip subframing system for an economical and cost-saving attachment approach.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 The Cove at Piazza

Designed by Digsau, The Cove at the Piazza is an exclusive residential complex in the heart of Philadelphia. The design inverts the familiar forms and sensations of urban life into something unexpected.  Light is the primary element of this proj

Cladding Corp Cermic5 Maraya Concert Hall

The design team at Giò Forma Studio was tasked with designing this iconic project, which holds the Guinness World Record for the largest mirrored building on earth.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Life Source Hotel

Designed by Leonardo Togni Architects, the Life Source Hotel is a new-concept hospitality venue, designed to combine sustainability (LEED Gold certified), technological innovation, architectural experimentation, functionality and aesthetics.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Ridgeview Elementary School

Designed by Blacksburg, VA-based ZMM Architects, Ridgeview Elementary School is the first zero-energy school building in West Virginia.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Templeton Elementary School

SMMA Architects was selected to design a master plan for three elementary schools in the Narragansett Regional School District, tasked with designing to provide a next-generation model for education.

Porsgrunn Church Ceramic5 Porcelain Cladding Corp

Designed by architect Espen Surnevik in collaboration with Trodahl Architekter, the new Porsgrunn Church has replaced the original church, a wooden building from 1760, which was lost in a fire in 2011.

Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Timber Series

FNBC has been serving Arkansas communities for the last 100 years with their success rooted in its heart for service and love for everything local.

Santa Monica Early Childhood Lab School Cladding Corp Ceramic5 Cladding Panels

Cladding Corp is proud to be a part of the Santa Monica Early Childhood Lab School development. Designed by Carde Ten Architects, the Lab School is a valuable new community aid for early learning in Santa Monica.

Cladding Corp North Middlesex Regional High School Ceramic5

SMMA has created another award-winning high school.  North Middlesex Regional High School, located in Townsend, Massachusetts has a beautiful Ceramic5 facade.  

Cladding Corp - 28th and Canyon Embassy Suites - Boulder, Colorado - Ceramic5

Boulder's happening Twenty Ninth Street now boasts some even more striking hotel options, as 28th and Canyon Embassy

Cladding Corp Osage Nation Visitors Center Terra5
The Osage Nation Visitors Center is the nation’s first stop to welcome visitors into the Osage Reservation.
Cladding Corp - Transpo Center - South Bend - Ceramic5

Most bus depots are not typically that architecturally engaging, but not in South Bend, IN.  For this stunning environmentally friendly depot, RNL Design incorporated