Ceramic5 Porcelain Stone Rainscreen Hampton Inn Elevation

Metallic Series

The depth and patinas of weathered steel... Available at a fraction of the cost!

The Metallic Series serves as a creative reinterpretation of the patinas and textures of weathered steel and metal cladding.  One of the most popular Ceramic5 series for exterior cladding applications, the natural patinas of the Metallic Series make it the ideal product for modern architectural design.

Perfect as a feature cladding alongside subtle, natural textures, our Metallic Series provides a maintenance-free, high-performance cladding panel that aesthetically looks like it has already weathered the test of time.

The color options for Metallic stand as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to the patinas of weathered steel panels.  Available at a very competitive price point when paired with an exposed color-matched clip system from ECO Cladding. 

Download the 'Metallic Series' Color Chart and Spec:

Ceramic5 Metallic Color Overview

Ceramic5 Ceramic Rainscreen Spec

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Porcelain Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Product Sizes

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Sizes

Color Palette

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Palladium LY 01

Palladium LY 01

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Nimbus LY 02

Nimbus LY 02

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Excalibur LY 03

Excalibur LY 03

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Venom LY 04

Venom LY 04

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Afterglow LY 05

Afterglow LY 05

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Viridium LY 06

Viridium LY 06

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Indio LY 07

Indio LY 07

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Pumpkin LY 08

Pumpkin LY 08

Ceramic5 Metallic Series King LY 09

King LY 09

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Iron GC 20

Iron GC 20

Ceramic5 Metallic Series Corten GC 21

Corten GC 21

Project References

The project references highlighted in the below portfolio illustrate the breadth of our rainscreen experience and may not be associated with any of our current material suppliers.

Eco Cladding Attachment Systems

ECO Cladding Alpha HCI.13 System for Visible Clip Attachment of Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Cladding Panels


Panel subframing system that offers visible clip attachment used for anchoring ceramic, porcelain stone, or natural stone panels for wall cladding applications. Clips are color-matched to the panels for a discreet, visible-fastened approach. Designed especially for multiple-story construction as a cost-effective and time-saving approach to installation.

Alpha Vci.40 Rainscreen Aluminum Sub-framing System for Ceramic Panels


Panel Sub-framing system that offers fixing using concealed, undercut anchors for ceramic and porcelain stone panels. The back of each panel is pre-drilled using undercut drill bit to receive the hanger clip and expanding bolt anchor.