Ceramic5 Porcelain Stone Rainscreen Quakertown Community High School Elevation

Stone Series

Bringing the beauty of natural stone facades to life.

Ceramic5 Stone Series tiles are carefully achieved with taste and delicacy, using essential colors and natural shades. The Stone Series provides designers with the authentic look of natural stone but with all of the advantages of a lightweight, non-porous porcelain-grade ceramic tile. 

For an authentic stone look that is virtually maintenance-free, look no further than this collection. The 100% natural product has beautiful random veining.

Incorporates beautifully with other rainscreen products and panel systems, offering the timeless visual appeal of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

When combined with a fully engineered, thermal-modeled substructure system from ECO Cladding, our Stone Series offers a lightweight, high-performance rainscreen alternative to natural stone at an exceptional value. Ceramic panels can be installed in running or stacked bond and in vertical or horizontal layouts, depending upon the design.  Concealed or exposed color-matched clips are the most common, but lap-siding approaches are also available.

Download the 'Stone Series' Color Chart and Spec:

Ceramic5 Stone Color Overview

Ceramic5 Ceramic Rainscreen Spec

Ceramic5 Stone Series Porcelain Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Product Sizes

Ceramic5 Stone Series Sizes

Color Palette

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Glacier QR 01 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Glacier QR 01

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Mountains QR 02 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Mountains QR 02

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Waterfall QR 03 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panel

Waterfall QR 03

Ceramic5 Stone Series - River QR 04 - Porcelian Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panel

River QR 04

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Mantle QR 05 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Mantle QR 05

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Braies SK 01 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Braies SK 01

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Resia SK 02 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panel

Resia SK 02

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Moritz SK 03 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Moritz SK 03

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Nemi SK 04 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Nemi SK 04

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Moro SK 05 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panels

Moro SK 05

Ceramic5 Stone Series - Orsi SK 06 - Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Panel

Orsi SK 06

Ceramic5 Stone Series Gris Beige NE 31

Gris Beige NE 31

Gray RR 02

Gra RR 02

Project References

Eco Cladding Attachment Systems

ECO Cladding Alpha HCI.13 System for Visible Clip Attachment of Porcelain Stone Ceramic Rainscreen Cladding Panels


Panel subframing system that offers visible clip attachment used for anchoring ceramic, porcelain stone, or natural stone panels for wall cladding applications. Clips are color-matched to the panels for a discreet, visible-fastened approach. Designed especially for multiple-story construction as a cost-effective and time-saving approach to installation.

Alpha Vci.40 Rainscreen Aluminum Sub-framing System for Ceramic Panels


Panel Sub-framing system that offers fixing using concealed, undercut anchors for ceramic and porcelain stone panels. The back of each panel is pre-drilled using undercut drill bit to receive the hanger clip and expanding bolt anchor.