Swisspearl GRAVIAL Series

Swisspearl GRAVIAL

Grooved panels for endless linear design possibilities...

GRAVIAL is the newest large-size fiber cement panel from Swisspearl that provides a dramatic and grooved relief within each through-colored panel. A large-format facade panel with a linear grooved surface structure, consistent character.

Depending on the angle of view and the incidence of daylight, Gravial brings a contrasting and unique light and shadow effect. Providing a wide range of colors and cutting options, it creates endless design possibilities for the exterior and interior of a building and is available in 6 different colors.

GRAVIAL panels are air-cured and not autoclaved (unlike competing panel products). Advantages of this approach include:

  • The 28-day curing process allows panels and fibers to cure naturally, without excess energy or heat applied
  • High-quality raw materials provide a better finish when air-cured over time
  • Longer lasting durability with increased 'creep' capacity - reduces tensile stresses from panel expansion/contraction
  • Natural process, no additional heat applied
  • Low moisture movement within panels, reducing internal panel stress
  • Better resistance to environmental/chemical agents based on air-cured process

GRAVIAL is just one of the many innovative and sustainable product lines made of natural raw materials born of the ingenuity and expertise of Swisspearl.

Swisspearl GRAVIAL Color Overview

  New! Match the GRAVIAL finishes with coordinating color series - download our 'Color Blends' brochure below:

Cladding Corp Color Blend GRAVIAL 
Swisspearl GRAVIAL Color Blends


Swisspearl GRAVIAL Series

Product Sizes

Product Sizes

Cladding Corp Largo Panel Size 1/2“ Thick

Largo 12mm

120 1/16“ × 49 3/16“      1/2“

98 13/16“ × 49 3/16“      1/2“

Color Palette

Swisspearl Gravial Crystal 125

Crystal 125

Swisspearl Gravial Granite 624

Granite 624

Swisspearl Gravial Amber 723

Amber 723

Swisspearl Gravial Anthracite 3020

Anthracite 3020

Swisspearl Gravial Ivory 3090

Ivory 3090

Swisspearl Gravial Ivory 3099

Ivory 3099

Project References

The project references highlighted in the below portfolio illustrate the breadth of our rainscreen experience and may not be associated with any of our current material suppliers.

Eco Cladding Attachment Systems


Panel Subframing system that offers visible rivet fixing for fiber cement, HPL or fiber concrete panels. Rivet attachment guarantees high pull-out values and ease of installation.

Alpha Vci.10 Rainscreen Aluminum Sub-framing System


Panel Subframing system that offers visible rivet fixing for fiber cement panels. Rivet attachment guarantees high pull-out values and ease of installation. Engineered to address deadload, windload, seismic concerns, thermal requirements and material deflection for either steel stud or concrete back-up conditions.

ALPHA VCI.40 CONCEALED System from Eco Cladding


Panel Sub-framing system that offers fixing using concealed, undercut anchors for cement composite, ceramic, stone, HPL and fiber concrete panels. The back of each panel is pre-drilled using undercut drill bit to receive the hanger clip and expanding bolt anchor.