Stop Ten – Vail, CO 97 Miles = 2 gallons of gas We’ve finally made it! Well, sort of. Dave and Alison have reached their furthest point of the trip–well over a grand two-thousand miles! Now all you have to do is make it back! Before that, we still want be kept posted on the great buildings you’re going to visit. Here’s a different building than the projects we’ve seen on the trip: a house. Vail... Read More
Stop Eight – Densmore, KS 348.6 Miles = 7.1 gallons of gas This is not a stop to highlight modern building techniques like rainscreen. It is not really about Cladding Corp directly. This is a stop to look back rather than forward—back to the mid 19th Century settlement of Densmore, Kansas. This little town came about when the Densmore family decided to move out to northwestern Kansas—to work the... Read More
Stop Seven – Overland Park, KS 239 Miles = 5 gallons of gas This is really turning out to be a long road trip. As I look back over the posts we’ve made and look forward to the schedule for the trip, I wonder how they spend the time in the car–this five hours in particular. I’m imagining a game where they try to spot all fifty license-plates or rate all the public bathrooms they use on a scale... Read More
Stop Six – Ames, IA 106 Miles = 2 gallons of gas The next stop on the road trip shows the versatility of Terra5 and Cladding Corp’s System5. We’ve followed Dave, Allison and Max from hotels to an urban high-rise to a public transportation building. One more fan of sustainable style: the Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Center.Invision Architectecture designed this building with attractive... Read More
Stop Five – Cedar Rapids, IA 226 Miles = 4.6 gallons of gas Leaving Chicago, the map and a hankering for sustainability led our road-trippers to Iowa, a land flowing with wind, bountiful farmland, honest people and great architecture. The one piece of architecture they were after: The Hotel at Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids. This establishment stands out as an educational center for the students... Read More
Stop Four – Chicago, IL 96 Miles = 2 gallons of gas Continuing westward to the windy city, Dave made his way to the Fairbanks Towers at 280 East Illinois.  The tower itself, designed by DeStefano & Partners, was a long-anticipated addition to the area–providing needed residential space, a grocery store and coffee shop.  The podium, accounting for the first five floors, was built first and the... Read More
Stop Three – South Bend, IN 141 miles = 3 gallons of gas Dave whispered over to South Bend in the PRIUS to see the Transpo building, one of the most prominent examples of ceramic rainscreen cladding in the USA today.  Designed as a transportation facility that is multifunctional and sustainable, the Transpo Building is currently the country’s firstLEED® Platinum transit operations and maintenance... Read More
Stop Two – Holland, MI 301 Miles = 6 gallons of gas Dave stopped off in Holland, MI to check up on the City Flats Hotel, the first LEED Gold certified hotel in the Midwest. When designing the GREEN hotel, GMB Architects selected Cladding Corp’s Terra5 panels in order to hit their mark in style. Here’s to sustainability and happiness in one of the happiest cities in America.