One Year Later: NMAAHC Surpasses Expectations

NMAAHC Rainscreen System Supported by Cladding Corp

In case you missed it in last month's Architectural Record, the National Museum of African American History & Culture's first year was profiled and expectations for the project have been met and exceeded. Our team remains grateful for the opportunity to provide rainscreen design and subframing system support to the design and construction teams for this most memorable installation.  

In addition, Cladding Corp is pleased to announce that the National Museum of African American History and Culture has won Building Design + Construction's Gold Team Award - the 32nd award for this project since the installation was completed in 2016. Congratulations to the design and construction teams who worked so tirelessly over the course of the 56 month installation to help make this iconic rainscreen project a reality!

Tasked with providing design and technical support for ECO Cladding's concealed Alpha Vci.40 engineered rainscreen assembly for the custom aggregate concrete panels manufactured by TAKTL® Facade + Wall Elements, the technical and project management teams at Cladding Corp are eager to continue to follow this project long into maturity.

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