Summer 2012 Road Trip – Stop #3 SOUTH BEND, IN

Stop Three – South Bend, IN

141 miles = 3 gallons of gas

Dave whispered over to South Bend in the PRIUS to see the Transpo building, one of the most prominent examples of ceramic rainscreen cladding in the USA today.  Designed as a transportation facility that is multifunctional and sustainable, the Transpo Building is currently the country’s firstLEED® Platinum transit operations and maintenance facility, with the help of an energy-efficient, drained and back-ventilated Ceramic5 rainscreen facade. The patinas of the metallic ceramic panels offer a dramatic and unforgettable facade and the panels are also utilized within the interior of the building as well. This is all about exhibiting efficiency and sustainability. What better subject than the Transpo building to embody the mission and purpose of the Summer 2012 Road Trip.

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