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Swisspearl Clinar 6 + Clinar 4

Economical, install-friendly, and durable

Clinar 6

Six standard formats can be installed with continuous or staggered vertical seams to create a wide range of design options. For example, a total of 28 different designs are possible with Clinar 6.  Creativity can be unlimited. Installation and design details for durable Clinar formats are based on trusted and efficient construction techniques that can be mounted by just a single worker.

Clinar 4

Clinar fiber cement panels are produced industrially as ready-to-install. Different formats and patterns, as well as the attractive range of colors, allow for a customized design. Measuring only 4 mm thick, the panels impart an elegant lightness to a façade with a staggered arrangement.


Swisspearl offers products that are air-cured, a process where cement-based products cure naturally, with a 28-day curing process, that uses saves energy and reduces internal panel stress. An air-cured fiber cement product is always superior to an autoclaved product, as the panels are dried naturally over time, allowing for natural chemical bonding of the fibers and taking out the added heat energy and internal panel stress.

Download the Swisspearl CLINAR 6 + CLINAR 4 Format Overview.

Swisspearl Fiber Cement Spec


Panel size: Swisspearl Clinar 6
Thickness:  15/64” (6mm)

Cladding Swisspearl Clinar 6 Size Chart
Patterns: 4 base patterns = total 28 layout options
Lap: Single Lapped

Panel size: Swisspearl Clinar 4
Thickness:  1/8” (4mm)         

Cladding Swisspearl Clinar 4 Size Graphic
Patterns:  1 base pattern = total 2 layout options
Lap: Double Lapped

Download Swisspearl Clinar 6 Installation Demo

Available Color Series

Select Series to see Available Colors:

Available Colors:
 Swisspearl Crystal 122
Crystal 122
Swisspearl Crystal 123
Crystal 123
Swisspearl Crystal 124
Crystal 124
Swisspearl Crystal 125
Crystal 125
Swisspearl Azurite 421
Azurite 421
 Swisspearl Azurite 422
Azurite 422
Swisspearl Jade 521
Jade 521
Swisspearl Jade 522
Jade 522
Swisspearl Granite 622
Granite 622
Swisspearl Granite 624
Granite 624
Swisspearl Amber 721
Amber 721
 Swisspearl Amber N 723
Amber 723
Anthracite 221
Anthracite 221