Grooved Terra5 Feature for Eaton Elementary Addition

Grooved Terra5 Rainscreen Tiles for Eaton Elementary Addition

Sigal Grunley Joint Venture, in collaboration with Cox Graae and Spack Architects, recently completed the renovation of the John Eaton Elementary School in Washington, DC using grooved Terra5 terracotta panels. CGS selected Terra5 Terracotta Rainsceen panels with a unique grooved pattern to complement the elements of this modern façade addition.

The terracotta rainscreen portions blend well with the use of traditional brick masonry in this application. The $57 million modernization project included a 50,459 SF addition, helps this elementary school accommodate up to 490 students with new academic areas, cafeteria and kitchen, and administrative spaces.  The design effort required careful assessment of existing, historic structures to balance the addition of increased program space while maintaining heavily-used outdoor space.

Our terracotta panels are of the highest quality and our subframing systems are engineered to meet the specific technical requirements for each project. With Terra5 Rainscreens, performance, and affordability combine to form the foundation of your next terracotta rainscreen design!

  • 100% Natural Material that is maintenance-free
  • Frost, fade, and UV Resistant
  • Sustainable, recyclable, and long-life durability
  • Variety of profile shapes and sizes to meet any budget
  • Engineered, turn-key system assembly that ensures optimal performance

Photo Credits: Chris Ambridge Photography.