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Cladding Corp Buffalo AKG Art Museum

In the world of architecture and design, collaboration often yields remarkable results. One such impressive collaborative project comes in the form of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum's recent expansion and update.

NYC Building Code Update: Swisspearl Panels Can Be Installed Without Fireblocking In NYC

Swisspearl Group his the first to secure a product acceptance letter under the new fireblocking language in the 2022 NYC Construction Code.

The new building codes are much more restrictive on materials than most people are talking about. Despite having a long history of use in NYC, specifically to avoid fire concerns, Fiber Cement, and other non-combustible products not specifically listed in the exception were suddenly subject to fireblocking requirements with any combustible WRB in the assembly.

Cladding Corp The UNM Lobo Welcome Center

Architecture has the power to shape our experiences and perceptions of the spaces we inhabit. It's the harmony between form and function that brings life to a building, transcending it from a mere structure to a work of art. The University of New Mexico (UNM) Lobo Welcome Center project, currently nearing completion, stands as a testament to this very notion.

Union on Knox - Cladding Corp

Prepare to be captivated by the facade of Union on Knox, an upcoming new development situated at the southeast corner of the University of Maryland's campus. This iconic project, masterfully envisioned by the design team at WDG Architects, promises to leave a memorable mark on the cityscape with the exterior's striking large-format Swisspearl fiber cement rainscreen cladding system.

Swisspearl PATINA Rough

Swisspearl PATINA Rough is a through-colored fiber cement panel that creates a varied appearance due to its rough, sandblasted surface. Subtle variations in color and texture make each panel unique. Like all variants of the Patina series, Patina Rough forms a fine coating over the years, which gives the facade an individual character.

The exquisite shades support the rough surface in its expressiveness and form a harmonious combination with the other Patina products.

Swisspearl PATINA Inline

A key product in the Swisspearl Authentic Range, Swisspearl PATINA Inline is a through-colored fiber cement panel with a linear milled surface structure which represents the strength and durability of fiber cement. The indentations create an atmospheric play of shadows, which changes depending on the time of day and viewing angle. A fine patina will form on the surface over time.

Swisspearl PATINA Original Cembrit Fiber Cement Rainscreen Cladding Panels

Cladding Corp and Swisspearl now offer the new Swisspearl Authentic Range, which includes the rebranded Cembrit Patina product line.

Cembrit is now rebranded as Swisspearl offering the new Authentic Range

As of April 1st, Cladding Corp is pleased to announce that the Swisspearl Group continues to grow! Cembrit has now officially rebranded as Swisspearl to create a category-leading global brand with an expanded product portfolio for the US Market.

Cladding Corp Bard High School Swisspearl

We're excited to work with Perkins Eastman - DC to deliver a Swisspearl fiber cement rainscreen facade for the new Bard High School Early College facility in Washington, DC.

Cladding Corp Swisspearl Rainscreen Cladding Panels Armature Works Hotel

This new mixed-use development in Washington, DC's NoMa neighborhood is sure to become an urban living epicenter for the city. The complete development will deliver apartments, shopping, dining, a hotel, and public plazas for the surrounding area.