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Swisspearl PATINA Rough

Swisspearl PATINA Rough is a through-colored fiber cement panel that creates a varied appearance due to its rough, sandblasted surface. Subtle variations in color and texture make each panel unique. Like all variants of the Patina series, Patina Rough forms a fine coating over the years, which gives the facade an individual character.

The exquisite shades support the rough surface in its expressiveness and form a harmonious combination with the other Patina products.

Swisspearl PATINA Inline

A key product in the Swisspearl Authentic Range, Swisspearl PATINA Inline is a through-colored fiber cement panel with a linear milled surface structure which represents the strength and durability of fiber cement. The indentations create an atmospheric play of shadows, which changes depending on the time of day and viewing angle. A fine patina will form on the surface over time.

Swisspearl PATINA Original Cembrit Fiber Cement Rainscreen Cladding Panels

Cladding Corp and Swisspearl now offer the new Swisspearl Authentic Range, which includes the rebranded Cembrit Patina product line.

Cembrit is now rebranded as Swisspearl offering the new Authentic Range

As of April 1st, Cladding Corp is pleased to announce that the Swisspearl Group continues to grow! Cembrit has now officially rebranded as Swisspearl to create a category-leading global brand with an expanded product portfolio for the US Market.

Cladding Corp Bard High School Swisspearl

We're excited to work with Perkins Eastman - DC to deliver a Swisspearl fiber cement rainscreen facade for the new Bard High School Early College facility in Washington, DC.

Cladding Corp Swisspearl Rainscreen Cladding Panels Armature Works Hotel

This new mixed-use development in Washington, DC's NoMa neighborhood is sure to become an urban living epicenter for the city. The complete development will deliver apartments, shopping, dining, a hotel, and public plazas for the surrounding area.

Cladding Corp Swisspearl fiber cement Welles-Turner Memorial Library Addition

The renovation of the Welles-Turner Memorial Library in Glastonbury, CT is now complete, featuring a large gable curtainwall addition with custom fabricated outriggers supporting a fabricated Swisspearl panel sunshade.

Cladding Corp Swisspearl Fiber Cement Rainscreen Revolution Labs Lexington, MA

Another project inching close to the finish line...Revolution Labs, a new 180,000 square-foot life sciences building in Lexington, MA. Cladding Corp provided Swisspearl fiber cement panels for the exterior facade for this installation. The project is designed for the benefit of the end-user; offering a superior work environment including full lab infrastructure with extended clear heights, covered parking with a solar canopy, and electric vehicle charging stations. 

Cladding Corp Swisspearl Van Sinderen Plaza Colorful Creative Complete

For this affordable housing complex in one of Brooklyn's fastest-growing neighborhoods, the Van Sinderen Plaza Apartments features a vibrant and sculptural Swisspearl fiber cement facade, with a pedestrian-friendly scale.

Cladding Corp Kean University School of Business & Public Management

Kean University’s new six-story, 90,000 square-foot College of Business & Public Management is complete with a striking Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Rainscreen facade, providing the perfect balance of performance with value.

NK Architects worked with Cladding Corp for the exterior facade of this large, communal space on Kean University's campus, focused on providing students with places to interact, collaborate, study, and relax throughout the day.