NEW: Swisspearl® REFLEX Colors

Swisspearl REFLEX Series - Updated Colors for 2022

Swisspearl® updated its REFLEX collection! REFLEX provides a metallic surface panel without the fire safety risks associated with traditional composite metal products. Coupled with a non-combustible subframing system from ECO Cladding, REFLEX panels offer no NFPA 285 triggers.

This updated REFLEX collection furthers that endeavor by providing high-tech panels with an iridescent surface on a pure acrylic base.  These panels are directional and changing light and/or viewing angle produces fascinating nuances in the colors!  The directional panels come in 11 shades and are especially well-suited for modern architecture and contemporary buildings of any size or scope. The metallic character gives the panels a sophisticated, shiny look; depending on the vantage point, the coating creates amazing nuances of color.

In fact, REFLEX panels are air-cured and not autoclaved (unlike competing fiber cement panel products). Advantages of this approach include:

  • The 28-day curing process allows panels and fibers to cure naturally, without excess energy or heat applied
  • High-quality raw materials provide a better finish when air-cured over time
  • Longer lasting durability with increased 'creep' capacity - reduces tensile stresses from panel expansion/contraction
  • Natural process, no additional heat applied
  • Low moisture movement within panels, reducing internal panel stress
  • Better resistance to environmental/chemical agents based on air-cured process

In terms of fire safety, Swisspearl products are non-combustible and the REFLEX series is a great product to meet and exceed new fire code requirements. REFLEX provides a metallic surface panel without the fire safety risks associated with composite metal panel products. REFLEX panels offer no NFPA 285 triggers when paired with a non-combustible subframing attachment system from ECO Cladding.

Download the Swisspearl REFLEX Color Overview

REFLEX Design Inspiration:

DC International School - Washington, DC - Cladding Corp Swisspearl REFLEX Series

Gliddings Avenue - Annapolis, MD - Cladding Corp Swisspearl REFLEX Series

RTVS Building - Swisspearl REFLEX Series Desing Inspiration

Villa Martinuzzi - Swisspearl REFLEX Series Design Inspiration